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Bio and Info

Hi, thanks for reaching my portfolio my name is Marco ILLESCAS ECHENIQUE


A long time ago I found myself camping at 4000 meters above sea level, right next to a wonderful lagoon (Paron Lake in peruvian andes) and I was carrying my Nikon N70 (yes Film!) that my father has just gave me as replacement for a russian Zenith that I didn't knew how to handle. It was nearly 9pm, it was dark, suddenly an amazing bluish light started to appear as the moon rise behind two enormous snowed peaks (Piramide de Garcilazo and Chacraraju)... guess what? I didn't took the shot I didn't knew how to take night shots. I had a terrific camera with me (never missed a shot in normal light conditions -always in P Mode-) BUT still I lost the opportunity. Then I promised myself that I would start taking lessons.

A couple years later I wen't working to Brazil, and I finally took photography lessons and started a seriously serial shooter way: portraits, nature, macro, nude, everything I could. That was more than ten years ago and I've kept traveling and shooting, changing gear, building a gear stock, a pile of digital files, spend money making prints for gift, for decorate my own home and to exchange with occasional publishing magazines.

My entrance to flickr meant a great deal on receiving feedback, competing in the most innocent way and learning from my peers. Recently I've into iPhonetography with instagram, is amazing what you can do with ANY camera as long as you remain true to one thing: try to capture a meaningful moment or view, for you and for sharing.

I've (re)started this site as a more personal showcase, since it's impossible to maintain two sites and have a full time job I intend to curate this site and just leave my personal bests, using flickr as judge, and a few (for old times sake) shots from when I started and that I consider to lousy to post on flickr.

Enjoy the show, leave me comments AND PLEASE try not to hack my site or harras me.

Live long and prosper.

TO my fellow latin americas: please forgivme for writing this in english ;) DIGO a mis hermanos latinos, perdon por escribir esto solo en inglés, la traducción viene en camino!